A friend bought me an antique waffle iron from the thrift store so I’ve been making a TON of waffles lately!

On top of that, I’ve been finding lots of bags of flour and sugar in the dumpsters lately so I ave more than enough ingredients. I usually combine the dumpstered whole wheat flour with some home-ground flours of various sorts… Usually rice and spelt. Sometimes rye, oat, or something else.

I even found a bottle of pancake syrup, but to be honest I give it to friends… I’m a purist and only really like maple syrup.

Batch number one from yesterday’s waffle party, coconut-Oreo-fudge:


Batch number two, chocolate-cherry-cayenne


We also found several bags of tangerines and a pineapple so of course we had to have juice along with our waffles!



Roasted squash chowder and grilled tomatoes on ciabatta

Dumpstered ingredients: potatoes, ciabatta bread
Gardened ingredients: squash, tomatoes, sweet corn
Salvage grocery ingredients: soy milk
Other ingredients: cabbage, nutritional yeast, miso, spices

…a friend gave me some veggies so I threw them together into a quick soup. I blended half the ingredients to make a thick chowder. It came out pretty great. I like bread with soup, so I toasted some of the dumpstered ciabatta rolls I had frozen and threw some grilled tomatoes on top. I took the whole pot to work and it was devoured. Mission accomplished


Oh… Hey…

So yeah… I haven’t posted in forever. Still reclaiming lots of food and making awesome meals. Here is some phot evidence. I’ll try to be better about posting!











Veggie stir fry and sauteed mushrooms!

Dinner from what we dumpstered last night!  Yum!


Quality not quantity tonight

I see a stir fry in the near future! Onion, mushrooms, cabbage, and bell peppers! Don’t forget to freeze the ripe bananas for smoothies and icecream! I chose to photograph before the veggies were cleaned and processed because it might not always look pretty when scavanged but there is good food there. Don’t be afraid to check it out. Worse case, you toss it in your compost!


Eggplant Parmesan

I’ve been neglecting this blog… With my new work schedule I don’t get to cook or dumpster dive nearly as often as before, and I’ve gotten bad about taking photos of the results when I do get a chance.

Anyway, this was actually a couple weeks ago but I dumpsters several eggplants and I’ve been using them for various things. This I breaded in a “Parmesan” breaking made with nutritional yeast and potato flakes that I’m still using. Roasted the breaded slices in the oven with a bit of olive oil and threw them on top of some fettuccine and cheap store-bought pasta sauce. Not bad for a quick late-night meal.


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