Really Late Vegan Food Swap Post!

So I’m just now finally getting around to posting about the vegan food swap I participated in. Several other bloggers and vegans did a swap where we mailed each other a box full of vegan goodies. I was lucky enough to get paired up with Stephanie from The first box unfortunately was swallowed up in the mail system, but she was awesome enough to send out a second box — totally unnecessary but thanks so much!

The box could not have arrived with any better timing. The day before leaving for a drive to New Jersey to visit For The Animals Sanctuary for their annual Thanksliving celebration. A whole box full of vegan treats right before a long drive? PERFECT. So, the goods were munched on all the way there and back, and there was definitely some great stuff. The licorice didn’t even last leaving the state because, well, licorice rules. The banana chips made it about halfway across Ohio before I demolished them, and sometime in the middle of the night right after crossing West Virginia I believe the bean-chips got broken into… I was pretty delirious by that point. I did save the raw food bars and the almond butter for when I got back. Those have been accompanying me on runs — I’d been hesitant to buy those small packets of almond butter because it seemed like a waste of packaging, but I have to say they’re perfect on a run to balance out the sweetness and carbs of energy gels. The Raw Revolution bar was awesome… I’d never had that flavor but those are one of my favorite bars and that flavor was just as good as all the others. I’m pretty sure I stealthily ate the entire bag of cookies on the drive home while Chelsea wasn’t paying attention somewhere right after passing through Philly for lunch.

All in all, awesome stuff — thanks so much Stephanie!

So much awesome stuff in this photo.

So much awesome stuff in this photo.


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