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Apple season

Lots of awesome stuff in the dumpster tonight but unfortunately most of it was ruined because of some broken eggs all over everything. Gross.

These apples sure weren’t ruined though! Along with some onions, a couple cans of root beer, and a bag of flour. Not too bad.



The Best Vegan Gravy Ever

…also the easiest vegan gravy ever!

Dating a vegan chef has its perks for sure. Like learning a new way of making sauces and gravies. This brown gravy is awesome. Pinto beans, salt/pepper, a little tamari. Rice milk to thin it out. Blend. Done. You can use white beans and sage and make the easiest white gravy for biscuits and gravy ever, and it sure beats making a roux and eating flour-gravy-on-flour-biscuits!

I got these “Nature’s Burger” things from the salvage grocery, the pinto beans and rice milk are from the salvage, and the peppers and onions are dumpstered. Grilled up the burgers/onions/peppers, topped with gravy. Done. Quick, easy post-run lunch.



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