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A friend bought me an antique waffle iron from the thrift store so I’ve been making a TON of waffles lately!

On top of that, I’ve been finding lots of bags of flour and sugar in the dumpsters lately so I ave more than enough ingredients. I usually combine the dumpstered whole wheat flour with some home-ground flours of various sorts… Usually rice and spelt. Sometimes rye, oat, or something else.

I even found a bottle of pancake syrup, but to be honest I give it to friends… I’m a purist and only really like maple syrup.

Batch number one from yesterday’s waffle party, coconut-Oreo-fudge:


Batch number two, chocolate-cherry-cayenne


We also found several bags of tangerines and a pineapple so of course we had to have juice along with our waffles!



Roasted squash chowder and grilled tomatoes on ciabatta

Dumpstered ingredients: potatoes, ciabatta bread
Gardened ingredients: squash, tomatoes, sweet corn
Salvage grocery ingredients: soy milk
Other ingredients: cabbage, nutritional yeast, miso, spices

…a friend gave me some veggies so I threw them together into a quick soup. I blended half the ingredients to make a thick chowder. It came out pretty great. I like bread with soup, so I toasted some of the dumpstered ciabatta rolls I had frozen and threw some grilled tomatoes on top. I took the whole pot to work and it was devoured. Mission accomplished


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