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Pizza. Again. Never a bad thing.

Last night was pizza-night again at our house. My roommate and I whipped up this beast quick because we were both hungry! I made a whole-wheat crust with some Thai basil we had that needed used up and reclaimed green onions mixed in with the crust. The crust was brushed with olive oil and balsamic, and then sprinkled with salt and some garlic powder. The sauce is just store-bought. We topped it with red peppers, onions, mushrooms, and cauliflower. Not bad for a quick dinner!

My roommate grilled up some asparagus to go along with the pizza, but I don’t much of it lasted until the pizza was done… it got eaten up while we were waiting on the pizza to come out of the oven… so delicious!


Just Another Sunday

We’ve started somewhat of a tradition at my house of having Sunday night dinners with friends. Most of the ingredients are usually dumpstered, but occasionally I have to add stuff to make enough food to serve as many people as we’re having over. Here was this Sunday’s meal:

Stuffed Pasta Shells:

These are just jumbo-sized pasta shells stuffed with veggies and “cheese” and rice. I had some broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and onions from the dumpster that I sautéed in olive oil with some garlic. I threw in some cooked brown rice towards the end to make the rice a bit crispy. The cheese is made from nutritional yeast, oats, mimicreme (from the salvage grocery!), and seasoning. I mixed the sautéed veggies and rice with the cheese, stuffed it into the shells, baked, and then topped with some plain pasta sauce. Nothing fancy, but everyone seemed to like it!

To go with it: A big bowl of fried stuff! Avocado slices, mushrooms, onions, and red peppers. The pepper and onion were from the dumpster, but unfortunately I haven’t found any good mushrooms or avocados in a while and both of those sounded good.

Not pictured: Garlic-y toast with Sriracha… dumpstered oat bread with a mixture of sautéed garlic, sriracha, and olive oil on top. Dang!

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