Pizza times two.


Pizza dough, blackberries, sweet potatoes, zucchini, apples, oranges, and green onions.

I accidentally stored the pizza dough in a cabinet above the heat vent and it all exploded. Oops! So I had to make pizza ASAP.


Sundried tomatoes from the discount bin at the grocery, pizza sauce my roommate got from the salvage grocery, garlic that was dumpstered, and basil from a friend’s garden. Rad! Here’s another gratuitous pizza-shot:


While we were eating I heard another can of dough explode. So I made a dessert-pizza. Sliced apples, sugar from the dumpstered, and a ton of cinnamon all baked up on a rolled-out pizza crust. Pretty awesome.


Shityeah pizza!


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2 responses to “Pizza times two.”

  1. cameraphonevegan says :

    i love that you followed up with a dessert pizza!

  2. jenojoon says :

    Damn that looks good! Both of em!!

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