Salvage Groceries are awesome!

Checked out the new local salvage grocery today.  If you are in Indy, check out Angelo’s at 201 S College (at Georgia st.).  To find a salvage grocery near you, check out this directory.  For those unfamiliar with salvage groceries, these are stores who buy up slow selling items,  dented/damaged products, large bulk amounts and close to “expiration date” foods for cheap and pass along the discount.  Between salvage groceries and dumpster diving, my grocery bill is extremely minimal and I still eat really well!  Some of the finds at the salvage grocery today:  a case of soy milk (12 cartons) for $6, a box Enjoy Life rice milk candy bars (12 bars) for $5, Mimiccreme Almond and Cashew Creme (32oz) for $1, Newman’s Own peanut butter cups for $0.50, Terra vegetable chips and Pirate booty for $0.50 each, Nature’s Path organic cereals for $1…  not just inexpensive, but healthy and vegan too!

Tonight two of my roommates joined in riding bikes and dumpster diving.  Despite being chilly and not finding a lot, it was a lot of fun.  We did score some flowers, mini watermelon, broccoli, oranges, apples, pears, and a chocolate cake for the the other non-vegan roommate.  It’s great getting others to join in and experience dumpster diving too!


3 responses to “Salvage Groceries are awesome!”

  1. jenojoon says :

    We have a Grocery Outlet that sounds very similar but I’ve never gotten THAT good of deals there! They usually have super good deals on stuff like Toms toothpaste and Nature’s Gate soap, etc. Way to go!

  2. jenojoon says :

    ooh- just checked the directory and the Grocery Outlet I mentioned is listed AS WELL AS another place that I’ve seen but didn’t realize what it was. Thanks for the link!!

  3. mareavegan says :

    Thanks – it seems like we lucked out with this Angelo’s! That’s awesome you found another in your area! Hope you find some killer deals there 🙂

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