Tofu steak sandwiches

So I got these tofu-steaks on clearance at the grocery dirt-cheap and I’m addicted to them. Unfortunately, clearance means I’ll probably never find them again. They seem to just be tofu with all the water pressed out so they’re really firm and dense, so I’m sure I could make them at home (especially if I broke down and bought a tofu press) but they’re SO good straight out of the package and convenient.

Anyway, this has been my favorite way to eat them so far. I dumpstered these bake-at-home ciabatta rolls and they’re delicious, so I baked those in the oven, grilled the tofu-steaks in a pan with some yellow onions until everything got nice and crispy, then threw it on the rolls with some spicy mustard, pickles, and hot sauce.  Not a very “pure” dumpstered meal (only the rolls and onions came from the trash) but still, sometimes the little things make the meal great.  These sandwiches wouldn’t be half as good without both of those ingredients.



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