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Drink of the BEAST.


I love green smoothies. While I usually have to buy greens because they’re a rare dumpster find, all the other ingredients are easy to come by. This is a peanut butter banana spinach smoothie made with dumpstered bananas and peanut butter from the salvage grocery.


This smoothie is before I blended… Apple, frozen pineapple, and spinach. The apples and pineapple were found and frozen months ago. Having frozen fruit on hand rules!


“Beef” and broccoli


I had some canned mock chicken from the international market and had a craving for cheap Chinese food. Broccoli and tofu with garlic sauce is my favorite so this is my re-creation of it with dumpstered broccoli and green onions. I made the garlic sauce with a whole bulb of broccoli and about a cup of tamari. Nice and simple. I added a little agave nectar to sweeten the whole thing and give it that cheap take-out vibe.

Great find!


I love when I find berries! Blackberries and strawberries over some puffed rice. So awesome. Winter is great for dumpster diving here in the Midwest because all the stuff that would normally go bad before I can get to it is preserved. Like delicious strawberries!



Home-fried sweet potatoes


I was craving home fries for breakfast the other day and only had sweet potatoes… Good thing I LOVE sweet potatoes! I intentionally cooked these until they burnt a little but with lots of garlic and green onions. Great warm start to the day.



Stir fries are always one of my favorite ways to use lots of varied produce. My roommate contributed some tofu to this one. Also included arecarrots, sweet potatoes, green and yellow onions. I made the sweet and sour sauce from a couple oranges, milo, tamari, and cayenne pepper in the blender.

Tofu Scramble

One of my favorite breakfast staples is tofu-scramble. It’s super filling and easy to make. ┬áIt’s rare that I find dumpstered tofu (although it has happened) and the kale is from the local co-op, but all the veggies I added were reclaimed.

I grilled onions, carrots, peppers, broccoli, garlic, and some diced celery in a dry pan until the carrots were done, then added a bit of olive oil to keep things from sticking and the tofu. Turmeric gives the tofu a nice yellow color, and black salt to give it that familiar “eggy” flavor (look at Indian groceries for black salt or kala namak… makes a world of difference in tofu scrambles!). I added a little regular salt and black pepper, and some cayenne pepper as well. This made for a quick and simple breakfast that kept me going for hours!

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