Oj? Pineapples? Waffle cones?!?

Yep. The other night’s find. Several pineapples, pears, tons of apples, tangerines, oranges, a bag of flour, mixed greens, and VEGAN WAFFLE CONES.



Of course, the obvious thing had to be done. Pineapple ice cream. I had some frozen bananas I threw in the blender with a few cups of diced pineapple. It was delicious. I had a hard time getting a good photo because it was dark, and I was too impatient to put it back in the freezer to get it to a consistency it could actually be scooped into the waffle cones (hey, it was 3am…) but despite the awful picture — awesome. I didn’t even know that store carried vegan waffle cones, let alone that I’d find some in the trash!



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