Does it count…


…if I “scavenged” these leftovers from the refrigerator?

So, I dumpstered a ton of bags of mixed greens. So I’ve been making lots of salads and adding them to smoothies. Which is not that exciting to photograph. So I’ll bend the rules for this blog a little… The only thing dumpstered here is the greens.

One roommate had half an avocado he told me to eat because he had to go to work and it would get brown. The other made hummus the other night and there’s a lot leftover. I made sausages (again) the other night and put two of them on here (the last three went to biscuits and gravy with some dumpstered biscuits which was amazing!).

The whole thing was a little bland so I threw some balsamic vinegar and cayenne pepper on it after I snapped the photo. After that, it made for a pretty rad breakfast. Only five more bags of greens to try to use up!



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