I love desserts! And soup!



I had soup for lunch. I eat a lot of soup when it gets cold. This was a creamy sweet potato soup… three sweet potatoes, two cups rice milk, five stalks of celery, a whole yellow onion, and a cup of green onions. I blended half the yellow onion and the celery with the rice milk to make the broth. This could have really been spiced just about any way, but it went with green curry paste and a little cayenne pepper and topped it with some homemade croutons. Croutons are a GREAT way to use up stale bread that you find!

Then dessert… Frozen bananas and fresh tangerines topped with granola. I’ll probably be having this again for dinner!


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2 responses to “I love desserts! And soup!”

  1. indyink says :

    Soup is probably my favorite part of winter! I switch to salads in summer, then back to soups in winter, with combos in fall and spring. The best cookbook I’ve found is the one for New England Soup Factory. It’s practically a soup Bible. Thanks for sharing!


  2. theclassyscavenger says :

    Awesome — I’ll check it out! I like to just throw soups together with whatever I have, but it’s always good to look at recipes for inspiration.

    I kind of eat both year-round (I had a huge salad with this soup) but hot soup in the wintertime is definitely awesome!

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