I think it’s sort of a no-brainer…


…that when you find bell peppers, cerrano peppers, onions, and a bag of tortilla chips you HAVE to make nachos!

Only things I had to add was the lentil taco filling and some salsa.

Never had lentil taco filling? Give it a try!

2c cooked lentils
1tbsp tamari
1 packet taco seasoning
1/2c diced onion

Cook the lentils (I use my rice cooker… quick and easy!) and add them to a large saucepan. Add enough water to cover them, along with the onion, tamari, and seasoning. Simmer on medium-loe heat until the water is gone. Quick, easy, and better than any storebought taco filling I’ve ever had.


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2 responses to “I think it’s sort of a no-brainer…”

  1. Jenna says :

    Awesome!! You find the best stuff!!!

  2. theclassyscavenger says :

    I think it’s a combination of knowing where to look and luck… I love it!

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