Everything-from-scratch Pasta

Not quite what I had in mind, but I still really enjoyed this dinner.


I found a ton of different tomatoes (at least three varieties) the other night, so I decided to make a big batch of pasta sauce to freeze.  In addition to the tomatoes I found several packages of pre-cut pepper and onion mix that I threw in the sauce, some basil from a friend’s garden, and a cerrano pepper I dumpstered the other night to give it a little spiciness.  I haven’t frozen it yet, so I figured I’d make ravioli out of it before I package it up to freeze. Unfortunately, homemade pasta isn’t a strength of mine.


One thing I like about making homemade pasta is being able to grind my own flours. This was a blend of amaranth, spelt, rye, and brown rice flour. Not dumpstered, but making your own pasta is still DIY as hell.  Unfortunately, without a pasta rolling machine, I couldn’t get the dough rolled flat enough for good ravioli so I ended up cutting it into fettucini-ish noodles with a pizza cutter. I wish I’d have just done that in the first place!


Since I wasn’t trying to stuff ravioli, I went ahead and added some veggies to the mix. I had found this asparagus a few nights ago and it was starting to get limp (nobody likes limp asparagus…) so I figured now was the time to use it. And I have a million reclaimed brussel sprouts right now, so I’ve been eating them with just about every meal, this one included.


All in all, I really liked it. The pasta was definitely heavy, but in a healthy sort of way that I like. I’ve grown to really like the taste of amaranth, although I think I prefer it cooked to using it as a flour.  The pasta sauce is great and I may just have to have one more taste of it before I freeze the rest…


Oh, and speaking of freezing — save packages! I’ve got plenty of plastic tubs from various things I’ve dumstered that’ll give me perfect packaging to freeze my pasta sauce in. No having to buy plastic baggies, and no having all my good glasswear in the freezer where I can’t use it.  Rad!



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