Mystery solved!


Well, the result of the unlabelled cans? Whole white potatoes.


I’ve never (that I’m aware of) had potatoes in a can. They seemed like the most bland, weird thing ever. I don’t eat a lot of canned food, or a lot of white potatoes. So… I made a meal out of them that I felt lie I would have been served in my high school cafateria.

I sauteed the green beans I found in some vegan margarine, tossed in tbe potatoes, and the package of mushrooms I had gotten. I figure the cafateria-version of this would have had some sort of meat-base and mushrooms always win out for me as my favorite meat substitute no matter how fancy some of the omni-analog stuff gets.

I kept the seasoning simple like it was something my mom would have made… salt and black pepper. The result? Actually, pretty awesome!

Definitely not the style of food I’m usually into, but it definitely succeeded at being quick, tasty comfort-food.

There’s still a can left… now what?


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2 responses to “Mystery solved!”

  1. Mylène says :

    A small shepherd’s pie? Potato soup? A couple of samosas?

  2. theclassyscavenger says :

    Hmm… I like all those ideas!

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