Mystery-Cans and Light Bulbs



Last night’s haul: A couple big bags of produce, a bag or tortilla chips, a box of lightbulbs, a nice wooden crate, and a couple of mystery-cans.

I got home and washed everything. The produce was great… I found a new dumpster I can hit on Monday nights. In it I found asparagus, lots of brussel sprouts, green beans, mushrooms,¬† onions, a ton of tomatoes, cerrano and bell peppers, bananas, and a loaf of white bread.

One of the light bulbs in the package was broken, but the other three were fine. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make a product unsellable and it goes straight into the trash. Thanks, capitalism. I couldn’t find any burnt out bulbs in the house, but I did find a couple incandescent bulbs I can replace with these CFL’s and save the old ones as backups.

The mystery cans were what had me really intrigued though. I’m not big on canned food, but the unknown of what was inside got the best of me. Most stores toss canned goods if the label peels off because they don’t know what’s inside or how to price it. What was it? Something not-vegan I’d just toss like stew or chili? Comfort-food canned stuff that would remind me of cafateria school lunches? Corn-syrupy fruit I could top baked goods with? Dog food?

I’ll reveal the mystery in the next post!


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