Sweet Potato Fries


I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to the raw ranch dressing, and I have a ton of cucumbers that have been dumpstered. So right now, any excuse for ranch dressing is a good one. I found several bags of sweet potatoes the other night, so I made sweet potato fries to dip in ranch dressing yesterday.

The sweet potato fries were just cut (with my fancy crinkle-cutter — yay!) and then baked with some salt/black pepper/Rosemary. Super simple.

The ranch recipe was the same as last time, but I didn’t bother peeling the cucumbers. Green ranch dressing is a little bit of a mind game, but I was pretty psyched on the whole thing anyway. I’ll probably Peel cucumbers for ranch dressing if I’m serving it to other people, but just for myself not worth it.

I had the last of the ranch over some spinach for breakfast… perfect way to start the day!


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