Another awesome night scavenging!

We had a nice group the other night.  A couple of friends joined us for their first time experience diving.  They both seemed to enjoy themselves and were amazed at what was thrown out.  I was even a bit surprised when we found wedding dresses in the bottom of a dumpster.  Sure they had a couple of tears or a small stain, but nothing a little sewing couldn’t fix!  Anyone looking for a cheap wedding dress – let me know!

This booty included a couple cases of mixed veggie bags that had just expired, a ton of bell peppers, a few pieces of other veggies and fruit (including a nice eggplant), lots of books, DVD’s, CD’s, a suitcases, a paint sprayer, sealed games, milk crates, shopping bags, bread (which we made stuffing and a ton of croutons from), unopened French dressing, a bucket, flowers, and the 4 wedding dresses.

We ate stuffed peppers for dinner tonight – delicious!  Considering the amount of bell pepper we collected, we will be eating them for a while!  I was excited to find a Shel Silverstein book, a cd label maker and several other items I will be gifting over the holidays.

Near the end of running around, we did get hassled by a cop.  This happens on occasion.  He pulled up and asked what we were doing and if we worked there.  I just replied, “we’re hanging out” and went back to organizing the books I had found.  He knew that we knew he couldn’t legally kick us out, so he asked us to leave.  We took our sweet time loading up the car and left.  They try to make you feel dirty or low, and get really annoyed when it doesn’t work!  🙂   I suggest parking as inconspicuous and not visible as possible to avoid being noticed.  Diving in pairs or a group is a good idea for safety, hauling, sharing and in worst case scenario, a witness.  If you have to deal with an employee or cop, be polite, be concise and leave.  If you say or do something negative, it reflects badly on all of us and it usually leads to locked dumpsters and violation signs.


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