Biscuits and Gravy


We had some amazing finds last night! The post should be going up soon with the fruits of our effort, but here’s one of the best parts. I was getting hungry and it was late and diner-style comfort food was sounding awesome. Lucky for me and my dumpster-diving accomplices we found a bag of flour and canned biscuits in the last dumpster!

I had some leftover faux sausage in the freezer, so biscuits and gravy HAD to be made. While everyone else pitched in cleaning and sorting our finds I threw this together.

If you’ve never made vegan B&G it’s super easy. Make a roux with flour and oil over low heat, add soy milk to thin it to the texture you want, and add salt and black pepper. I fried the faux sausage first and threw it in at the end as well, but you can leave that out if you don’t have any.


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