Spicy veggies and carrot-queso


I knew when we found a bag of carrots the other night there would be carrot-queso cheese in my future. We also found several bags of potatoes, lots of peppers, mushrooms  and green beans. I grilled the veggies in a pan (gave the potatoes a head start since they take longer) and seasoned them with cayenne and taco seasoning before topping then with a batch of carrot-queso. Delicious!


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3 responses to “Spicy veggies and carrot-queso”

  1. mskristiina says :

    Um how do you make carrot queso? Sounds amazing!

  2. theclassyscavenger says :

    I’ll have to do a post with some photos and the recipe — it’s pretty delicious! You can use essentially anything as the base (lentils, chick peas, cashews, zucchini, red pepper, etc.) but carrots are my current favorite. The color/texture/flavor is right on with carrots.

  3. mskristiina says :

    Well I’m excited to read about it!

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