Sweet and Sour Veggies


Because a lot of dumpstered goods are produce, I end up making a lot of stir-fry dishes. We found over a dozen pineapples the other night so I’ve been trying to use them in creative ways other than just smoothies. (not that pineapple smoothies don’t rule!) This sweet and sour sauce was sort of an accidental discovery but now I’m totally hooked on it!

The veggies are just a basic stir-fry with a bit if sesame oil — the broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, and green onion all came from dumpsters but the zucchini came from a friend’s garden.

The sauce is made from about a cup of pineapple, a whole cerrano pepper, garlic, red miso, tamari, and orange juice. All the ingredients blended together to make a sauce. I left a bit of the pineapple out so that there would be some pineapple chunks in the finished product.

In this meal the pineapple, broccoli, garlic, cauliflower, and orange juice were all dumpstered. The cerrano pepper and zucchini are from a friend’s garden. The only purchased ingredients are the rice, oil, tamari, and miso.


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