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Green beans and portobellos


Quick, simple, and all dumpstered. Grilled green beans and portobellos. I threw a little (vegan) Worcestershire sauce and cayenne on here and it was delicious. So delicious I cooked and ate the same thing for three meals in a single day!


Spicy veggies and carrot-queso


I knew when we found a bag of carrots the other night there would be carrot-queso cheese in my future. We also found several bags of potatoes, lots of peppers, mushrooms  and green beans. I grilled the veggies in a pan (gave the potatoes a head start since they take longer) and seasoned them with cayenne and taco seasoning before topping then with a batch of carrot-queso. Delicious!

Lots of produce and rootbeer!

It’s amazing what you can get from what first looks like barely anything in a dumpster.  Tonight, we hit up our local store and scored:  broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, green beans, grapes, oranges, potatoes (russet and red), bell pepers (red and green), mushrooms (baby portabellas and large caps), a lot of cantaloupe and almost a case of root beer!

After sorting everything and cutting up what was to be frozen, I made dinner!   Just potatoes, red and green bell peppers and baby portabellas.  All dumpstered except the salsa and carrot lentil nacho cheese on top!


When you find excess of fruits (and other foods that freeze well), cutting into smaller pieces and storing in bags makes it easy for breaking off small portions to eat later on.  We freeze mostly fruits for smoothies.  I would have to say I am not a fan of frozen broccoli.  It just doesn’t taste the same.

Also, if you find a lot of tomatoes (and if you are lucky, a ripe avocado or two), I always make a batch of salsa.  I am more likely to clean up salsa faster than a lot of tomatoes.  Plus, you can make salsa from tomatoes and just about anything.  And, you know, it’s awesome!

Sweet Potato Broccoli Soup


If you’re anything like me, weather under 90 degrees is frigid. Which mostly sucka, but soup keeps me warm so I made this.

It’s pretty simple — sweet potatoes and  broccoli that I dumpstered, a whole bulb of dumpstered garlic, and Rosemary from a friend’s garden.  I also threw in some frozen beans I’d been meaning to use up.

My favorite way to make veggie soup broth is with my blender. Cook the veggies in water until they’re soft, then take half of everything and blend it until it’s good and smooth, then add it back. It’s easy and cheaper/healthier than bouillon.

I also threw in some brown rice at  the end just to make it meal-soup instead of i-want-a-sandwich-too soup.

Roses and Literature!

It seems recently that we’ve been collecting interesting new finds in dumpsters.  For example, laundry detergent, beer and now roses!  No complaints here!  Also check out local book stores.  They often have to rotate stock often.  The one we found even had them separated by magazine, paperback and hardcover.  I found loads of children’s book and even some really nice old hardcovers with ornate engraved faces.  And for those of you who are afraid to get your hands dirty, this is usually good clean dumpster diving.  I know it can cross some people’s minds to take as many books as they can carry just to resell.  But I think part of the etiquette of dumpster diving, it to just take what you can use and share.

Mashed Potato


One of the things I love about dumpster diving is that cooking afterwards is sort of like an episode of Iron Chef. Like, what do you do with a ton of mashed potato flakes? I’m making potato enchiladas tonight and I have plans for latkes, using them as a binder for veggie burgers, and using them as a breading bit any suggestions are welcomed!

Curried Lentils and Grilled Veggies

Since we found a ton of broccoli and cauliflower the other day and couldn’t eat it all, we froze a lot of it. This was my first attempt at using frozen vegetables, and it came out pretty good. We also had several bulbs of garlic that are starting to sprout, but still totally fine. So I threw a whole bulb of garlic in with the veggies and grilled them in a pan on the stove.

The lentils weren’t dumpstered — they came from the local co-op. Nothing fancy — cooked them in the rice cooker and added some curry and garam masala once they were finished, then tossed everything together. Not bad!

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