This site will be collectively-written by several contributors.  The focus of this blog will be reclamation of the waste caused by capitalist society by taking discarded items and turning them into new and wonderful creations.– food, fashion, function, or otherwise.


So let’s get to it!


2 responses to “Welcome!”

  1. theclassyscavenger says :


    The word “freegan” is sort of poorly defined and I’ve seen it used in a couple different ways. The first way just describes vegans who are anti-capitalist and try to obtain as much as possible through dumpster diving, recycling, etc. rather than buying new. That I can back 100%.

    The second way (and unfortunately more common) way I’ve seen “freegan” used is to describe vegans who ‘cheat’ and eat non-vegan food or use non-vegan products if they’re free. Which really doesn’t rationally hold up at all when if one is vegan for ethical/animal rights reasons as it still drives the supply/demand chain.

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